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Seamless, cost-effective in-building public cellular built with the efficiencies of private network technology
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Enhance Public Cellular Coverage Indoors Using Multi-Operator Core Network Neutral Host Architecture
  • Cox Private Networks provides a CBRS-based Multi-Operator Core Network (MOCN) Neutral Host solution that can greatly improve public cellular coverage while simultaneously being more affordable than other traditional neutral host options.
  • MOCN Neutral Host systems deploy with the ease and simplicity of deploying WiFi and with the performance benefits of private cellular.
  • Ready to use within 2-4 weeks, the deployment of a MOCN Neutral Host solution can outpace the speed of deployment for Distributed Antenna System (DAS) by months.
  • Private network use cases can be deployed on the same neutral host network infrastructure for a dynamic, holistic network solution.
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    Providing reliable public cellular mobile connectivity indoors can be challenging for building owners and operators, especially as mobile network usage continues to grow

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    Building Materials
    Disrupts Service

    Certain building materials, including metal, tinted glass, concrete, and brick, can limit signal penetration to cellular users
    Mobile network consumption that happens indoors
    Source: OnGo Alliance
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    Limited Network

    Interior signal strength is directly reliant on the proximity of nearby cellular towers and users on a single channel

    Building owners and operators can solve common Distributed Antenna System pain points with MOCN Neutral Host

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    Complex DAS layouts are time-consuming to install and require specialized cabling, limiting the ability to utilize existing network infrastructure.
    Shared radios on-site for the carriers simplify install, limit additional equipment required, and integrate with your existing IT network.
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    Expensive DAS network components drive up costs. Most carriers only subsidize DAS for very large locations — private enterprises often have to fund entire DAS by themselves, leaving DAS out of reach for many businesses.
    MOCN Neutral Host provides a substantially more cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.
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    Built-In Private
    When carrying the economics for private cellular use cases and paying for DAS, private cellular infrastructure is often out of scope.
    Due to the shared CBRS-powered infrastructure, private cellular use cases can be implemented on the same neutral host network — improving business operations for marginal cost.
    MOCN Neutral Host Offers an Improved Solution for Providing In-Building Public Cellular Over DAS
    A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) has previously been the only solution available to enhance indoor cell phone coverage. MOCN Neutral Host offers a flexible, affordable, and more capable alternative toward providing consistent public cellular coverage to employees and visitors. While both solutions ultimately offer the same service, our MOCN Neutral Host solution has a lower price, a faster speed to deploy, and private cellular capabilities.
      Solution Attributes
      Neutral Host Solutions Approach Comparison
      Distributed Antenna System (DAS)
      Multi-Operator Core Network (MOCN)
      Solution Cost (TCO)
      Voice Calling
      Data Connectivity
      911 Calling & Texting
      Deployment Timeline
      12+ Months
      2 - 4 Weeks
      Spectrum Type
      Lightly Licensed
      Private Cellular Capable
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      Synergy w/ IT Structure
      Internet Connectivity Req.
        Cox Private Networks Neutral Host Delivers Customized Coverage Inside the Building
        The Cox Private Networks MOCN Neutral Host solution provides the ability to deploy radios where needed most within a building to customize coverage and throughput. Our system simplifies the infrastructure needed, with all carriers sharing the same radio and limited additional equipment needed on-site.
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        Like WiFi

        Installed using small, easy-to-fit radios, MOCN Neutral deploys with the same simplicity as deploying WiFi and with the enhanced performance benefits of private cellular
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        Increase coverage without paying the cost of complex DAS design and deployment
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        Private Network
        Use Cases

        Implement private cellular use cases on the same neutral host network to improve business operations and support digital transformation
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        Improve indoor cellular access for all public mobile network operators — benefiting users across cellular networks

        Dive deeper to explore the differences and capabilities between MOCN and DAS to learn how MOCN Neutral Host is a game-changer for industries of all sizes

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        Case Study:
        Healthcare Facility in Arizona
        A multi-story healthcare facility in Arizona needed to improve public cellular inside their facility; reception was not reaching essential rooms, impeding communication for visitors and adding unnecessary stress to patient visits. Cox Private Networks deployed a MOCN Neutral Host network to enable extended public cellular coverage within the facility — allowing visitors to leverage cellular networks and effortlessly make calls throughout the building.
            Benefits of Neutral Host Networks in Action
            • Synergistic cellular infrastructures enable private cellular use cases
            • Customer-controlled capacity densities, coverage areas, and time to turn-up maximize network efficiency
            • Ethernet-based architectures allow for shared LAN infrastructures and integration into existing IT networks
            • Negligible marginal costs of service for private cellular use cases

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